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Yanmar Compact Excavators Part_3

Yanmar Compact Excavators are the perfect solution to save time money and lobour FEATURES: - True Zero Tail Swing: The development objective of turning within the crawler width and no overhanging at all with Clear visibility. - YANMAR excavators ranging 2.7 to 10 ton are available with air conditioned cabins to ensure convenient operation under hot, humid & dusty conditions. - VIIPS (ViO Progressive 3-Pump System) increases power and speed, and increased fuel economy. - Effective oil flow makes the machine powerful, fast circle time. - Multi-function operation to increase on-the-jobs productivity. - Flexible Track System of Rubber or Steel - Clean & silent- Own EU(Europe) & EPA(United States) certified YANMAR diesel engine. (Own & unique Engines, Fuel injection pumps, hydraulic system and patented technology ensure high efficiency in operation) For More Information:- http


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