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Woodworking Equipment auction J ZAC Out of business

Woodworking Auction & Property Live Public Auction Saturday April 2nd Complete Architectural Woodworking Company and property auction. World Wide Auction Group has been commissioned to liquidate at public auction J ZAC Inc. After 20 years in business the owner of J ZAC has decided to retire, and sell everything from this complete huge woodworking company' along with the property. This company Manufactures wooden cabinets; millwork Columns, Wainscoting, Cornices, Door surrounds, Molding, Stairs, Stair parts, Louvers, Cabinets, Countertops, Ceiling materials, Flooring. Items include: Woodworking machinery, Computerized, SMC Point to Point Tech 99L Router, Schelling computerized saw, Holz-Her Spirit 1416, Several Table Saws, Powermatic planer, Material lifts, TimeSaver Sander, Several dual Dust collectors, and one huge central dust collector system Huge amount of Laminate, and 2 power presses Laminate Machines, conveyor system, several plant compressors, Yard Container, Paint booth, Komatsu 25 Forklift, Tools, Materials, Cabinet door parts, Hinges, sliders, glues, Hardwoods, 2 box Trucks, freightliner, Isuzu with lift gate, Unique suicide door 1966 Lincoln continental, Sanders, routers, planners, scaffolding, ladders, tool boxes, gang boxes, Nail Guns, Paint guns, Maintenance repair parts, hand tools, Point to Point cabinet door machine, Flat panel monitors w/ Computers, Sony Vios 36" flat panel TV, office equipment Printers copiers, fax, Toshiba phone systems, office ...

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