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Volvo EC20C Compact Excavator - Maintenance

Hi, I'm Ed with Volvo Rents and today I'm going to talk to you about how easy it is maintain an EC20C compact mini excavator. The first thing you are going to notice is that all, the whole engine compartment is right here at the back of the machine. It has a nice bowed down arm right here that you can put and hold the hood up and check all the fluids from the diesel to the oil filter to the fuel filters and it's all maintained right here in this compartment, so you don't have to continually walk around the machine. Another nice feature you'll find right here is on the track system. These are rubber tracks and from time to time they will get loose. But instead of having to use a wrench like you do on most track systems all that you have to do to tighten these tracks up is pump piece right into that hole right there and that will maintain your track system on this unit. Another nice feature on the EC20C, is that you'll notice all these grease fittings on the wear, the wear parts right here. They're all right here in central locations. It should take you no more than five or six minutes in the morning before you operate the units to go ahead and grease this machine so it runs very well for you. Another very nice feature is right here on the main boom cylinder. You have this protection right here. This will help from having this cylinder being damaged in use and will be able to keep the machine up and running and not damaged by having this arm cylinder right there. So as you ...


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