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vimek 404 in scotland

**THE DEMONSTRATION DAY HAS BEEN MOVED FORWARD TO 20TH JUNE TO RUN AS PART OF A FORESTRY COMMISSION SUPPORTED FUELWOOD FORUM/LOW IMPACT SILVICULTURE DEMONSTRATION. RING CFS ON 01764 663798 OR GO TO ** Supplied by Caledonian Forestry Services Auchterarder, vimek 404 harvester working in angus, scotland thinning birch for coppice and natural regeneration. patu 400sh harvester head used due to the twisted form of the timber and the high delimbing power needed. this is currently the only one working in the uk along with a vimek 606tt forwarder. these are ideally suited to the needs of sporting and amenity woodlands management or sensitive sites due to low impact and easy transport from site to site. both machines have proved reliable and cost effective in contracting and private management- the timber harvested here will be processed on site into firewood and stored for sale through winter

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