Video - Taylor TS-9972 Reachstacker equipped with Tip-It (1)

Videa Komatsu Forklift Trucks Taylor TS-9972 Reachstacker equipped with Tip-It (1)

Taylor TS-9972 Reachstacker equipped with Tip-It (1)

The Taylor TS-9972 Reachstacker Equipped with the Tip-It attachment dumps 35000-lbs. of bagged sand from ground level. The Tip-It Attachment allows the operator to rotate a 20' ISO container up to 60 degrees in either direction. The Tip-It attachment can be used to dump containers of sand/soil, aggregate, scrap materials or waste. The Taylor TS-9972 Reachstacker alone will stack 20' or 40' ISO containers weighing up to 99000-lbs. 5-high in the first row. Taylor Northeast, Inc. is located in Pennsylvania and Maryland and specializes in the Sale, Lease, Rental and Parts/Service of specialized matrial handling equipment including Taylor Forklift Trucks and Reachstackers up to 120000-lbs. capacity, Komatsu Forklifs, Rail King Mobile Railcar Movers, and Ottowa Yard Jockeys. Contact us today at for more information! Contact Taylor Northeast today at for more information!

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