Video - Steve Morris Logging Biomass Operation

Videa Komatsu logging Steve Morris Logging Biomass Operation

Steve Morris Logging Biomass Operation

Grinding of redwood scraps from an old growth fencing material plant. The grinder is a NEW 2010 Peterson Pacific 5710C Track grinder w/ a C27 1050 HP CAT. It is fed with a Komatsu LC300HD-6 w/ an attached Danzco Slash Cutting Grapple. The final product is used for resale to local power plants for electric cogeneration. The grinder is hands down the most productive in its industry and the current operation in the video does not justify its full capabilities. The Danzco grapple is not being used in its optimal setting either so its full capabilities are not shown.

Peterson Pacific, 5710C, Komatsu, CAT, Danzco, Biomass, Grinder, Slash Grapples, Saw


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