Video - Rise Against - Ready to Fall (Youtube Clip Montage)

Videa Komatsu PC138 Rise Against - Ready to Fall (Youtube Clip Montage)

Rise Against - Ready to Fall (Youtube Clip Montage)

WARNING: Some of the clips are graphic depictions of animal cruelty. Note: I do not support or condone the PETA, they were the only people that had good clips. Everyone else just made retarded slide shows with stock music. Youtube videos used: Air Quality 101 - The Basics Alpha and Friend (Echo the Wolf at Out of Africa Wildlife Park) Banned Documentary about Global Warming part 1 BP don't pollute our environment, coz your ruining our wildlife Bumblebee California Oil Rig Diving HD Cost of Pollution Drill Baby Drill Earth amazing sights Earth's Natural Wonders Falling tree wipes out camera Global Warming 101 Greenpeace - Saving Sumatra's Peatland Forests Gulf Oil Spill Orange Beach Gulf Shores HD Funny Polar Bear Flirts with Mate BBC ONE Human Water Pollution Iceberg Lake Hike HD Komatsu PC138 Removing Some Tree Stumps Nuclear Explosion Pantropical Spotted Dolphins Penguins in Love RED FOX HD Ringling Beats Animals, a PETA Undercover Investigation State of the Air 2011, a Challenge of 100 Days The sad life of a plastic bag The Ugly Side of Milk - Animal Cruelty Trash Inc, The Secret Life of Garbage Tsar bomba HD Undercover Investigation Animal Abuse at Iowa Egg Factories Underwater Nuclear Burst Natural Wonders - Yosemite National Park - Canon EOS 7D Yellowstone Grand Teton Wildlife Safaris You be what You eat -.- Animal Abuse

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