Video - Red Pine Harvest - Windham County Vermont

Videa Komatsu Forest Machines Red Pine Harvest - Windham County Vermont

Red Pine Harvest - Windham County Vermont

Fabtek cut-to-length timber harvester at work behind my house. FT 153 with FT 240 dangle processing head - Rod Lampe of Westminster VT. Rottne 6WD rapid forwarder - Jason Franklin. Chainsaw - Mike King Elysian Hills Tree Farm, Music - Galaxy, by Fear Of Ducks, from PaganFest 2007 http WOODLOT TIPS SPRING 2010 Newsletter WOODLAND OWNERS ASSOCIATION 11 University Way, Suite 4 Brattleboro, VT 05301 Harvest at Elysian Hills By Bill Schmidt, former WOA president In the spring of 2009 a harvest of an almost five-acre red pine plantation and some white pine in adjacent stands occurred. The red pine were planted with white pine in the plantation in 1965. Most of the white pine, which weren't growing well, were harvested in 1980-81. The goal for the remaining red pine was to produce quality saw logs. The red pine continued to grow well, but it became apparent about six years ago that even with the removal of the white pine, the heavy stocking was causing a decline in diameter and crown size. It was obvious that a serious thinning was in order. At the same time a major invasives problem was noted, especially in the southern third of the stand. Buckthorn were prevalent along with some honeysuckle and barberry. Our forester recommended that the thinning be held off until the invasives were under control; the opening of the stand to more sunlight would exacerbate the spread of invasives even more. In September and October of the next four years, effort was put ...

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