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Quality Chain Canada: Who We Are 1-888-507-9734 QCC began in 1973 as Midway Chain a regional distributor and retailer of traction tire chains. In 2005 Midway Chain merged into Quality Chain Canada to focus on being Canada's premier wholesaler of traction tire chain with the largest selection and inventory located in Canada. In 2011 Quality Chain Canada became QCC Industries. 2009 brought the opportunity to provide many of our existing customers with ground engaging tools, lifting and rigging supplies as well as cargo control products. We sought out and attracted the best and the brightest talent with tremendous product knowledge and experience in each of these industries to provide a solid foundation that you can rely upon. Since 2005 QCC has grown at 30% a year and continues to grow from following three simple principles. 1. Assist our customers to strike the balance between price, performance and application. 2. Ship our products the same day whenever possible. 3. Stand behind everything we sell with the best warranty in the industry STRIKING A BALANCE Striking a balance between price, performance and application is one of the most important services we provide to our dealers and distributors. We encourage questions so that your customers get the benefit of our vast product knowledge and application experience. SAME DAY SHIPPING Tire chains are a product that keeps people and businesses operating when inclement weather grinds your progress to a halt. By the time you call with an ...

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