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Komatsu tavling 865 860

Komatsu Forest made a test of the new Komatsu forwarders to evaluate the new transmission. The new Komatsu 865 raced against Komatsu 860.4 uphill a steep slope, and the races were clocked and filmed and the films merged to visualize the difference. The same conditions were applied to both races: - Soft, unfrozen ground under a thick, sugar-like layer of snow, forming a tough ground condition for the transmission. - The same operator in both races, flooring the driving pedal in both machines during the whole track. - The same load put on both machines. - The same bogie tracks. - The same track. Komatsu 865 was carrying additional optional equipment not found on 860.4, corresponding to +1200 kg (!), eg stacking blade, Combi outer boom, extra Loadflex bunk and more equipment. This means that with an identical configuration of the 865 as for 860.4, it could have carried another 1200 kg of wood on the load space, with the same outcome of the competition! The conclusion of the test was that 865 was 7% faster in the race, carrying 1200 kg heavier load, in the form of optional equipment not carried by 860.4.

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