Video - Komatsu D375A-6 Climbing Steeps

Videa Komatsu D375 Komatsu D375A-6 Climbing Steeps

Komatsu D375A-6 Climbing Steeps

Cool thing about Komatsu's Cartersville, Ga., intro of the Dash-6 version of the D375A-6 bulldozer is that there were customers there who weren't afraid to take a 158000-pound dozer to its limits. Pat Carr, equipment manager with Alpha Natural Resources, tested the new D375A-6 dozers ability to climb steep slopes. In working down slopes during mine reclamation, Alphas operators often have to tram long distances around steeps to get back on top. He says the D375A-6 definitely has the power to climb these extra-steep spots, but is a little blade heavy. He is confident that the Dash-6, with addition of a counterweight, will save a lot of time and undercarriage wear in this kind of work.

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