Video - Komatsu CD60R Load ,spin and dump

Videa Komatsu CD Komatsu CD60R Load ,spin and dump

Komatsu CD60R Load ,spin and dump

  • Komatsu CD60R -1997 -3812 Hours -Eng: S6D102E-1-A -2000 RPM -In Line Direct Injection Turbo -300 Hours On Complete New Under Carriage Cost $16000.00 -Dump Bed Lift Cylinders Rebuilt 1 Year Ago -(6) New Rollers & (2) Bushings Just Installed This off-road dump truck/crawler carrier has a fully rotating swing house with dump bed for off loading material in any direction. Equipped with steel tracks, not rubber for use on rough terrain and a 8 foot 8 inch wide track width for access to narrow areas. Enclosed cab with heat and AC. Asking $45900.00 please call (314)892-9500 if interested.

Load, spin and dump



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