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Heavy Equipment Working - Big Iron, Inc.MOV

Big Iron, Inc's new shipping & containerization yard is being graded and getting ready for equipment to be delivered and to be containerized. Videos of Komatsu loader backhoe and a grader working can be found here on Big Iron's YouTube channel as well as pictures of the yard at Big Iron's Flickr account. You can also visit our website at for more information about us. We buy and sell used heavy equipment from excavators to loaders, from Caterpillar to Komatsu. Our shipping & logistics department dismantles and containerizes heavy equipment to ship overseas as well. We strive to provide great customer service, we provide a lot of information about the equipment we are selling from videos to pictures to ensure our customers know exactly what they are buying. During containerization of heavy equipment & machinery, we provide pictures and videos during all the steps to keep our customers abreast of their equipment status. When we handle the overseas shipping, we track the location of the ship and container as well. Visit us at today.

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