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This is part three of a series featuring rare and largely unseen footage of the Marion 8900 and Bucyrus-Erie 2570w walking draglines operating at Peabody's Hawthorn Mine in Sullivan County, Indiana in July 1996. This 'episode' features the view from the operator's cab of the 2570w with our friend Gary at the controls. You'll see footage of both large draglines from down the pit, a narrated description of the mining procedure, various dozers, haul trucks, and drilling units in action, and a few "light-hearted" moments on the microphone between operators. Thanks again to Gary and his friends for making this series possible!

Dragline, Draglines, Marion, 8900, Bucyrus, Bucyrus-Erie, 2570, 2570w, Coal, Mining, Equipment, Dozer, Truck, Large, Big, Huge, Monster, Excavator, Sullivan, Indiana, Peabody, Hawthorn



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