Video - From the Quarry to the Kitchen

Videa Komatsu material handling From the Quarry to the Kitchen

From the Quarry to the Kitchen

The story of natural stone -- how it emerges from quarries around the world and is transformed into a thing of beauty in homes and offices -- has a magical quality that embodies the wonders of nature and today's technology. It's an impressive tale that can help consumers appreciate how nature's premier building material is transformed by the industry into the centerpiece of today's kitchens, baths and other areas. This DVD can be embedded in a loop for continuous play in show rooms or on the trade-show floor or, it can be given to potential customers to show how the natural stone industry strives for two things: enhancing the beauty of stone through perfection every step of the way -- and ultimate customer satisfaction. It's a must for an organization in the natural stone business.

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