Video - Fiat Hitachi Spisby part one

Videa Komatsu PC130 Fiat Hitachi Spisby part one

Fiat Hitachi Spisby part one

Draining the fens has been going on for centuries once done by hand it is now done by huge machines in the hands of highly skilled operators. The work going on here is a regrade of a drainage ditch which has seen many years of neglect allowing silt and sediment to build up and scrub/bushes to impede the flow of water with obvious consequences when heavy rain occurs. The machine is a Fiat Hitachi EX 165 weighing in at 17.5 tonnes running on caterpillar tracks fitted with a quick coupler allowing swift changes of attachments

Excavator., Digger., Dyking., Fens.Spilsby., ditch, cleaning., ditching



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