Video - EDGE Mini-Backhoes Dig up to 6 Feet!

Videa Komatsu skid steer loaders EDGE Mini-Backhoes Dig up to 6 Feet!

EDGE Mini-Backhoes Dig up to 6 Feet!

The EDGE Mini-Backhoe attachment will give your skid or track loader more versatility and productivity! This ideal attachment for digging trenches and footings is available in Fixed or Swing models and mounts quickly and easily. The EDGE Fixed Mini-Backhoe has a digging depth of 6-ft, an overall reach from the mounting plate of a little over 6-ft. (75 in.), and a digging force of 3895 lbs. The EDGE Swing Mini-Backhoe features in-cab electric controls and a 140 degree rotation cushioned swing cylinder for smooth operation. The Swing model has a 76" digging depth, 78" overall reach and 3800 lb. dig force. Both EDGE Mini-Backhoes come fully assembled (less the bucket) and use the same five buckets used on the EDGE 485 Backhoe: 10", 12", 16", 18" and 24" buckets. Hoses and hydraulic couplers are included and stabilizers are not required. A relief valve is required in the bucket tilt circuit of the skid steer loader. See these and thousands of other attachments that fit ANY brand or model skid loader, compact excavator and compact utility tractor at

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