Video - Dismantled Komatsu D65 Containerization - Big Iron.MOV

Videa Komatsu D65 Dismantled Komatsu D65 Containerization - Big Iron.MOV

Dismantled Komatsu D65 Containerization - Big Iron.MOV

Komatsu D65EX bulldozer is being containerized by Big Iron, Inc in Jacksonville, FL. Our shipping & containerization crew has the expertise and the know-how to containerize any size, any type of equipment & machinery. This bulldozer has been loaded into a 40 foot container via a different method than normal. This is another example of versatility and efficiency we have here at Big Iron. Visit us at for more information about equipment dismantling and containerization. We can help you with your next heavy equipment shipping overseas. We have dismantled and containerized many equipment for many happy customers including many freight forwarders. We provide breakdown services for RORO (roll on/roll-off) shipping as well. Visit our website today and get a quote.

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