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Videa Komatsu Forest Machines Cat® 522 Track Feller Buncher

Cat® 522 Track Feller Buncher

Cat® Track Feller Bunchers are highly productive timber harvesting machines. Recent design updates to the 500 Series Track Feller Bunchers provide best in class lift capacity, swing torque, and hydraulic performance. Also available in Track Harvester configurations, Cat Track Feller Bunchers are a versatile solution in taking down the cost of timber harvesting. A robust undercarriage utilizes proven components, customized for demanding forestry conditions. The unique boom design provides industry leading lift capacity throughout full reach range, a benefit in large timber. Four models are available with just the right horsepower, track size and hydraulic configurations to fit your application needs. Cat offers 7 Track Feller Buncher models available in a wide array of configurations: Zero Tail Swing (ZTS), Full Tail Swing (FTS), Feller Buncher, Harvester, Leveling, and Non-leveling. Various Work Tool options means 500 Series machines can be matched to any job. Caterpillar Track Feller Bunchers Features: - Best in class lift, reach, swing torque, hydraulic performance, and power management provide superior productivity and fuel efficiency. - High tractive effort provides greater than 1 to 1 drawbar to weight ratio for improved maneuverability and reduced cycle time in steep terrain. - Hydraulic clamshell enclosures provide superior access and safe working platform to reduce maintenance/repair time and cost. - Comfortable cab and IQAN operating system (with full ...

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