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Uživatel ScottyT
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Profese Earthmoving and demolition.
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KOMATSU........... Great machine until it breaks!! Found a water leak in my PC228US-3. I thought that was the good news because it started to use water and I couldn't find a leak anywhere. I thought...uh oh, head gasket. I was ecstatic when I discovered the radiator core had partly separated from the top tank because I thought it would be a simple repair, especially after speaking with Komatsu Tech Support as they said the radiator was serviceable and repairable. HA HA That particular radiator (serial no 30001 and up), is not serviceable or repairable. The replacement genuine (non-serviceable) radiator runs just shy of $2800. I was able to source a company that custom fabricated an identical fully serviceable and repairable unit, in brass not alluminium, for $1980 and they threw in enough coolant concentrate to make up the 26 litres to refill the system. You have to wonder why the boffins at Komatsu would build a component that was not serviceable and then charge you a price to replace it that forces any lateral thinking person to find an alternative. BUT WAIT.... just to rub salt into the Komatsu bottom line, the custom built unit was fabricated and ready faster than Komatsu could deliver theirs. Work that one out. I still favour the Komatsu over all other brands from an operators perspective but as the owner coughing up for components they force me to find alternatives.

PS- The machine is in excellent condition with 4600 hrs on the clock. Not really old enough to have a structural failure in a radiator.

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